Analog Efex Pro and the Fuji X100

FIshing in Victoris Harbour, Hong Kong. Shot with Fuji X-100
Fishing in Victoris Harbour, Hong Kong. Shot with Fuji X-100

Analog Efex Pro plug-in? What is it? How does it work with images from the Fuji X100? Let’s take a look.

I took a little trip to Lamma Island, Hong Kong a few weeks back. It was an all Fuji day: My X100 and an XPro-1 sporting a Canon FD 50 f/1.8.

A little on Lamma Island, to quote Wikipedia:

Lamma is, in contrast to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, peaceful and tranquil, with relatively natural scenery. Buildings higher than three storeys are prohibited and there are no automobiles but diminutive fire trucks and ambulances, as well as distinctive open-back vehicles to transport construction materials. The community’s only transport means is by foot or bicycle.

I shot with both Fujis, fairly happy with the results. I haven’t had much of a chance to look over the images – that my SOP – I shoot photos and they stay unmolested on my computer(s). I did play a little today. Nik, now owned by Google, announced¬† a new addition to their suite of post processing tools – Analog Efex Pro. These plug-ins are suppose to mimic effect achieved when shooting film. Best of all, it was free to registered users.

I don’t want to rant here – if you want film effect why not just shoot film? These poor young sods raised on digital will never know the frustrations joys of shooting film. That aside…those not feeling nostagic enough for a roll of Tri-X can try this plug-in.

Analog Efex Pro

The plug-in does some pretty cool things. It gives option to make you images look like a Classic camera, Wet Plate, Toy camera and Vintage camera. Many adjustments are available – bokeh, detail extraction, contracts, light leaks, vignette, etc. For those that want digital smoke and mirrors this is one cool suite of tools.

Once upon a time I would have been all over this. Now I lean toward the realistic. Nik’s tools have a place in my work flow, but not for simulating film. The gallery below has a few sample of the different filters, all at default settings. If you’re into this sort of thing Analog Efex Pro is for you.



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