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Homeless in Hong Kong
Homeless in Hong Kong

One my new year’s resolutions was to post once a week. That didn’t happen in March. Why? I circumnavigated the globe, twice, doing business. While I had the opportunity to talk shop and shoot with some of my amigos like RC Concepcion, I didn’t have a lot of time to get down-and-dirty with my street photography.¬†

At the start of this post is a photo of a silent character in my ‘hood. I think I’ve broken one of Eric Kim’s rules of street photography by taking a photo of someone homeless. Rules were made to be broken, Eric. I’ve never seen this older gent begging. He’s always hauling 3 or 4 bags around, and spend a lot of time in the small public park on a bench. Is he homeless? Most likely. I’ve never looked into homelessness in HK as it’s not out in the open.

Fact: You don’t see a lot of homeless people in Hong Kong – not like you would in North America. A recent walk through downtown Toronto had me accosted by several homeless people asking for change. Outside an airport hotel in Atlanta I had someone approach asking from money. This isn’t something I’ve ever had happen in Hong Kong. ¬†Although, A recent study estimates there are 1400 homeless in the Hong Kong SAR. Outrageously high rents and too low wages explain a lot of that. Too few shelters and government indifference see people spending nights in 24 hour restaurants, or out of doors.

I’ll do my best to post more and keep up with my resolution commitments. This week will see me in Shanghai, and next week Beijing. Hopefully, I can grab some time to shoot while I’m there. I started shooting street photography in China, it would be nice to keep that going even though my visits to the middle kingdom are now few and far between.




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