Bhubing Palace Chaing Mai: Royal trees

Bhubing Palace, Chaing Mai - Foggy Trees
Bhubing Palace, Chaing Mai – Foggy Trees

Getting to Bhubing Palace Chiang Mai in Thailand can be a challenge. It’s on top of a mountain, which means you jump into one of the many local covered pick-up trucks and venture up a twisty mountain road, hire a taxi and and venture up a twisty mountain road, or rent a scooter and and venture up a twisty mountain road.

I’ve visited twice, once a scooter as part of a belated honeymoon and earlier this year in the back of red pick-up truck, our entourage of seven included. My trip to Thailand was not overly pleasant. I came down with Bronchitis the day before we left. I spent most of the trip laying in the hotel and contemplating my mortality while my family and friends were riding elephants, swimming and taking in the sites.

Near the end of the trip we headed up the mountain to Bhubing Palace Chiang Mai. My chest had cleared, I could almost breath. My traveling companions, mainland Chinese, are notorious for getting car sick. Driving up a crazy mountain road in the back of a pick-up with people per-disposed to motion sickness is not a good idea. My wife, the baby, my brother-in-law and a family friend all emptied their stomachs at a scenic lookout on the way up the mountain. While I didn’t suffer the same fate, it was only through concentrated power of will.

About Bhubing Palace Chiang Mai (from Wikipedia):

It was built in 1961 to accommodate the royal family during state visits to the north of the country. There is also a guesthouse for receiving foreign dignitaries. It is built in the mountains overlooking Chiang Mai, to take advantage of the cool mountain air. The rose gardens are particularly famous (Suan Suwaree), and many flowers are grown here that could not otherwise be grown in Thailand.

Yes, there are some amazing gardens, flowers and trees. Being on a mountain and shrouded with fog the day we visited it was rather spooky. The above was shot with a Sony NEX-7 with minimal PP. Great little camera.



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