New Fuji X-T2 and X-Pro2 Firmware “Coming Soon” – March 2017 and May 2017 releases

Fujifilm announced today free firmware upgrades that will provide a total of 33 functional and operational updates to the double flagship models of the innovative X Series of digital cameras. Two firmware releases, for the Fuji X-T2 and X-Pro2 are expected in March and May respectively.

A 15 minute programmable long-exposure? WTF?

X-T2 version 2.00 & X-Pro2 version 3.00 – available in late March 2017 features:

  • 1. Shooting RAW in Bracketing and Advanced Filters
    The update enables you to use the RAW format when shooting not only in AE Bracketing but also in other Bracketing modes (ISO, Dynamic Range, White Balance, Film Simulaitons) and also in Advanced Filter modes.
  • 2. Extended ISO 125 and 160 selectable
    The update adds ISO125 and ISO160 to extended ISO levels available.
  • 3. Programmable long exposure of up to 15 minutes
    Long exposure in the T mode currently goes only up to 30 seconds. The update will allow users to extend it up to 15 minutes.

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Fuji GFX Launch – Pre-order before they are gone

Zack Arias launched the Fuji GFX during Gulf Photo Plus last week in Dubai. Fujifilm Middle East posted a video on Facebook of Zack’s talk where he outlines:

  • 32:25: He shares pictures that his 18 years old son took with the GFX.
  • 35:00: “I’ve shot every format, but Medium Format has this look. It’s how the highlights and shadows are retained, the soft transitions between those two, how the focus falls off. I can’t describe steroscopic bokeh at all, but I can see it. […] I want that different look.”
  • 39:00. Pixel Peeping Time… and you will hear the people just say “WOW!!” when they see the amazing sharpness and details.
  • 42:30: The MF Phase One is amazing. Has 1 AF point, though. He goes at 1,600 ISO at max with his Phase One now.
  • 43:55: Zack shows an image taken at ISO 12,800 (JPEG)… and again another WOW goes through the audience.
  • 48:00: A Fuji Representative says that Capture One will support the GFX

Having had an insider look at Zack’s presentation and photos, as well as the images of other X Shooters before they were made public – all I can say is, Wow.

Correction: That doesn’t even come close to doing the GFX justice. After seeing the photos I would truthfully say: “F*ck! Wow!”

Phottix Pro Team photographer Lito Sy was also testing the Fujifilm GFX in the Philippines. In a YouTube video he shows the stunning quality of this medium format body.


Rumor has it that the GFX is set to be a hot commodity. Whispers are circulating that if you don’t pre-order a GFX you ain’t getting one.  Right now I’m on the fence about dropping $8K without a few days to put the GFX through its paces.


Fujifilm X70 – Quick Hands-on Review

Shot with the Fujifilm X70
Shot with the Fujifilm X70

I had the pleasure of trying out the new Fujifilm X70 during Gulf Photo Plus 2016. The recently announced X70 features (via Fuji’s website):

  • The Ultimate APS-C sized sensor compact X
  • New 18.5mm wide angle lens
  • X-Trans™* CMOS II & EXR Processor II
  • Manual Dial Operation
  • Auto Mode Selector Lever
  • Fastest AF 0.1 sec.
  • New Tilting LCD & Touchscreen Monitor
  • New Digital Tele-Converter

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PP with Google Nik: Look at the map

Post with Google Nik
Post with Google Nik


I shot the above a couple of weeks back in Mongkok. It’s not a strong image but I like the composition. I’ve been trying to work more in Lightroom / Photoshop instead of Snapseed. This photo was exported from LR as a JPG and tweaked a bit in PS. I like the Google Nik Collection – especially Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro. The collection is a steal for $150. In Color Efex Pro I use a the tonal contrast and detail enhancement filters a great deal. Silver Efex Pro is unrivaled for greyscale conversion. Continue reading “PP with Google Nik: Look at the map”

Beijing and Fujifilm 16-55 f2.8

Beijing thoughts and the Fujifilm 16-55 f/2.8
Beijing thoughts and the Fujifilm 16-55 f/2.8

I  have been traveling for the last six weeks. I have shot very little. I been around the globe and have few images to show for it.

Luckily I had some time in Beijing last weekend during the P&E show to shoot a few images. Inside, outside, anything candid. I used the Fujifilm 16-55 f2.8 with my X-T1. I scorned the models on the tradeshow floor, I’ve shot enough models, thank you very much. Beijing is not my favorite city (understatement). I go once a year and that’s enough. I’ve seen all the sites, the Forbidden City, various temples, the hutongs, everything famous you think of in Beijing. Continue reading “Beijing and Fujifilm 16-55 f2.8”

Fuji X-T1 Wifi and automatic photo resizing

I’ve been stymied for a while now transferring files from my Fuji X-T1 wifi to my IPad. Although the files were shot as Large Fine JPegs (4,896 × 3,264) when I imported them to the iPad they were sized as 1776 x 1184.  Most of my street photography workflow avoids the use my MBP.  Camera to iPad, into Snapseed and then onto Flickr or 500px.

While 1776 x 1184 is fine for online work, I really wanted full resolution photos that I could print if need be. I figured the dark and mysterious inner workings of the iPad and it’s benign yet malevolent OS were responsible. Or perhaps the Fuji Cam Remote App. Continue reading “Fuji X-T1 Wifi and automatic photo resizing”

Ongoing assignment: Refelections

MGM Reflections
MGM Reflections

Being a photographer is about seeing. Not only, seeing what is at eye level, but everything, the entire environment. Look left, right, up, down. Most importantly down. Water, tile, glass, a host of materials creat reflections. These reflections can cause a new dimension to your images. 

I’m drawn to shiny floors – be these in hotels of shiny airports. Reflections at their base level add depth and interest to an image, at their best they can tell a different story. For me, a strong backlit scene and a highly polished surface works best. I often find myself looking s piece of shiny, well lit and well traveled floor. I watch as people travel back and forth, watching the reflections on the surface, before planning my shot. When I have some idea of the ebb and flow, I start to shoot. 

I think often street photographers get so focused on searching for some thing to shoot they miss the obvious. Clear your mind, take in the environment and look in all directions. It’s easy to miss great shots right in front of you.  Keep your eyes and mind open. 

Back to GPP in Dubai

Waiting in DBX
Waiting in DBX

Later this week I’ll be at GPP 2015, that’s Gulf Photo Plus for those uninformed. It’s a yearly workshop series and photo festival in Dubai, where the best-of-the-best meet for 8 days of photography-related mayhem. 

I attended last year in an effort to jump-start my creativity and get back into shooting, With classes by Zack Arias, David Hobby, Joe McNally, David Nightingale, Peter Hurley, Lindsay Adler and a host of other superstars it is an amazing event. This year will see me there in a more professional capacity, my workshop participation as a photographer will be limited. I am hoping to attend RC Concepcion’s seminars on website development. 

I have always managed to shoot great photos in Dubai airport. This year was no exception. On my way to WPPI in Las Vegas, I had a 4 hour layover in good old DBX. Using my Fuji X-T1, 28mm f/2.8 pancake and the Fuji Remote Camera app I managed to grab some cool images (sample above). Please see others in my Flickr photostream.

If you’re going to GPP 2015, I hope to see you there. Mark it on your calendar and plan to be there in 2016 if you can’t make it this year.