GFX UK launch and topless shenanigans

Fuji UK rolled out the new medium format Fuji GFX last  week in an February 24 event. As is in vogue, someone in attendance pitched a fit over something not politically correct Рa topless female model.

In a twitter rant, reports PetaPixel, photography Danny North lambasted the Japanese camera manufacturer for choosing to use a topless model during the Fuji GFX launch event.

Oh, the humanity….

I’ll call em like I see em. If you have enough time to dash off a series of missives via twitter, you should really look into a) being a little more open minded, b) getting a life.

I looked forward to seeing the what the Fuji GFX brings to the table when it comes to nude photography. I guess we’ll have to wait for someone to post photos – of GFX samples or images from this event. I’m guess Danny North won’t be among the posters….

Ongoing assignment: Refelections

MGM Reflections
MGM Reflections

Being a photographer is about seeing. Not only, seeing what is at eye level, but everything, the entire environment. Look left, right, up, down. Most importantly down. Water, tile, glass, a host of materials creat reflections. These reflections can cause a new dimension to your images. 

I’m drawn to shiny floors – be these in hotels of shiny airports. Reflections at their base level add depth and interest to an image, at their best they can tell a different story. For me, a strong backlit scene and a highly polished surface works best. I often find myself looking s piece of shiny, well lit and well traveled floor. I watch as people travel back and forth, watching the reflections on the surface, before planning my shot. When I have some idea of the ebb and flow, I start to shoot. 

I think often street photographers get so focused on searching for some thing to shoot they miss the obvious. Clear your mind, take in the environment and look in all directions. It’s easy to miss great shots right in front of you.  Keep your eyes and mind open.