Fuji Camera Remote App for Street Photography

Shot with Fuji Camera Remote App
Shot with Fuji Camera Remote App

I’ve said before, I like to shoot street candids like a ninja. I’m not all “In your face.” I’m like the wind, completely unseen. When I heard about the Fuji X-T1 and the Camera Remote App I was intrigued. Being able to shoot photos through my iPhone or tablet? I would be a complete ninja.

My successes have been hit or miss. The Fuji Camera Remote App is a well-crafted utility. You can change ISO, EV, shutter speed and aperture. You can complete control the camera and focus by touching the live view preview on your device screen. All good.

Shot with Fuji Camera Remote App
Shot with Fuji Camera Remote App

The main problem: Lag. The live view preview doesn’t lag, pressing the shutter button and taking a photo does. Frame up a great shot, press the shutter button and then maybe it will shoot immediately or maybe not. The Fuji Camera Remote App is not for fast snap shots, it takes some anticipation. The app is not at all like a Cam Ranger – which is super-responsive. Maybe Cam Ranger will release a Fuji version?

Another problem: Focus. Pressing your device screen to set the focus point is also hit or miss. Shooting people, trying to focus on faces is sometimes a frustrating endeavor. Press again, and again, trying to get that pesky focus point exactly where you want it.

Shot with Fuji Camera Remote App
Shot with Fuji Camera Remote App

All that said, I took to the streets yesterday with the Fuji Camera Remote App. The X-T1 with the 27mm f/2.8 pancake lens hung across my body on a Peak Design Slide Strap. This is a great strap as it is quickly adjustable. If I want to shorten the strap and only a quick pull on the metal ring is required. The camera on my right hip allowed me to walk along the sidewalk and use the app with my iPhone 6+.

Some days you’re just “on.” You can do no wrong. Every shot seems to work. It’s these days that keeps us going, compared to those days when everything you shoot is absolute shite. Yesterday, with the Fuji Camera Remote App, I was ” On.” Every shot worked. Maybe not the photo I wanted, but the app worked and what I shot at I captured.




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  1. Hi,

    thanks for your artikel. These are nice shots, but I have to say that I personally don’t like the approach to ‘steel’ the picture.
    But everybody should act as he wants to as long as no one suffers by it.

    Take care,

  2. Great post – I actually have been meaning to write something similar, as this is typically the technique I use for street photography (although with an Oly E-M1). The Olympus remote app is marginally better (with less shutter lag) than Fuji, but has some of the same inherent problems… it’s strange how much the wifi connection seems to drop with the camera just on the other side of my shoulder at times. But when it works, it is a great way to capture candid portraits especially – I love getting in close (and undetected) with a 35mm equivalent. And the size and low noise of mirrorless is also perfectly suited for this. I’ve been wondering if anyone else uses the same technique – and this seems to be the first I’ve found. Nicely done!

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