Fuji GFX Launch – Pre-order before they are gone

Zack Arias launched the Fuji GFX during Gulf Photo Plus last week in Dubai. Fujifilm Middle East posted a video on Facebook of Zack’s talk where he outlines:

  • 32:25: He shares pictures that his 18 years old son took with the GFX.
  • 35:00: “I’ve shot every format, but Medium Format has this look. It’s how the highlights and shadows are retained, the soft transitions between those two, how the focus falls off. I can’t describe steroscopic bokeh at all, but I can see it. […] I want that different look.”
  • 39:00. Pixel Peeping Time… and you will hear the people just say “WOW!!” when they see the amazing sharpness and details.
  • 42:30: The MF Phase One is amazing. Has 1 AF point, though. He goes at 1,600 ISO at max with his Phase One now.
  • 43:55: Zack shows an image taken at ISO 12,800 (JPEG)… and again another WOW goes through the audience.
  • 48:00: A Fuji Representative says that Capture One will support the GFX

Having had an insider look at Zack’s presentation and photos, as well as the images of other X Shooters before they were made public – all I can say is, Wow.

Correction: That doesn’t even come close to doing the GFX justice. After seeing the photos I would truthfully say: “F*ck! Wow!”

Phottix Pro Team photographer Lito Sy was also testing the Fujifilm GFX in the Philippines. In a YouTube video he shows the stunning quality of this medium format body.


Rumor has it that the GFX is set to be a hot commodity. Whispers are circulating that if you don’t pre-order a GFX you ain’t getting one.  Right now I’m on the fence about dropping $8K without a few days to put the GFX through its paces.




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