X-Pro1 and vintage glass

Fuji X-Pro1 with Canon FL lens
Fuji X-Pro1 with Canon FL lens

I’ve been trying to love the Fuji X-Pro1. It hasn’t been easy. I know a lot of pros love this retro body with old school controls. Me? Like I said, I’m trying.

The only Fuji lens I have access to is an 18mm f/2. On the X-Pro1’s APS-C sensor that’s the equivalent of 27mm. I’m not a big fan of lenses that wide – I’m more of a 50mm or above sort of shooter. For street work with my 5D Mark III I use Canon’s amazing 135 f/2L. Switching from that to a 27mm is a big change.

To remedy this without an expensive lens purchase I picked up a Fuji X mount to Canon FD adapter. I have some old Canon glass around – I had a lot more only to learn my family had sold much of gear left in Canada. Damn them! I’ll be there next week to see if I can scavenge anything from old collection or if it was all unloaded – someone got a great deal.

I digress…

The above was shot with a Fuji X-Pro1 and a Canon FL-mount 50mm f/1.8. All manual, no AF, no auto-exposure. Fuji’s firmware version 3 released a few months back offers “peeking” for focus assist. This is very helpful. I haven’t manually focused since my days as a reporter – when digital SLRs were still super expensive and just going mainstream. I have yet to master Fuji’s metering system or commit depth of field charts to my over-crowded brain. There’s a lot of be said for DSLRs and the easy of use. Taking baby-steps backwards is not easy, but it’s kind of cool to slow down and not “spray and pray.”

I’ve shot with a Canon FD-mount 50mm f/1.8 as well. The results were a little better than with the FL. That said – the Canon FL 50 f/1.4 is considered by many as one of Canon’s finest lenses, the benchmark they based other lens construction on.  The FD lens is one generation newer – 30 years old instead of 40+. I did see a sweet FD 135mm last week at Sim City – I may have to go back and pick that up.

Here’s to experimentation….




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