Fujifilm 56mm – Quick Look

Fujifilm 56mm
Fujifilm 56mm

I picked up a Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2R last week, along with an  obscene amount of other Fuji gear. Yes, OBSCENE. I should not be able to enter a camera store that gives me discounts. 

Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2R is a lens I’ve wanted to try since I first saw it. I spurned a chance to use it previously – knowing if I shot with it I would have to buy it immediately. The down and dirty on this lens – I like it. It feels good in your hand, the focus ring is well dampered, and the aperture ring moves well. The Fujifilm 56mm is all you would expect in a Fujinon lens.

I took to the street briefly to test it wide open – or nearly so – at f/1.4. The Fujifilm 56mm focused well for being a hair away from wide-open, but I did experience that characteristic hunt and seek all Fuji users have to deal with. It’s not weather-sealed, which is a little drawback considering most of Fuji’s newer lenses are. Living in rainy Hong Kong, weather-sealing comes in handy for those freak rainstorms that arrive from nowhere.

That aside, the photos were crisp, detailed and well saturated. Beautiful bokeh. No, you don’t need the overpriced (and newer) APD Fujifilm 56mm.  I will continue to test this lens and post more photos I gather them. Jump over to flickr to see my post-processed black and white version on the above.




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