GPP and Getting back into the groove

Colorful wall in Mongkok
Colorful wall in Mongkok

I’m using GPP as a spring board. Getting back into the swing of things, photography-wise, is a challenge. I pick up the camera then put it down for a month. Regaining that passion, that drive, isn’t easily done. I have been reading The Passionate Photographer: Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great by Steve Simon. I was lucky enough to meet Steve at GPP in Dubai two years ago. Wonderful guy. I am hoping his book of wisdom will assist in getting me back on the path.

I have a big slate of workshops booked for GPP this year. I’ll be taking Zack Arias‘ Street Photography class, followed by the two day workshop by David Nightingale on the same topic. Then it’s high and low key lighting by Bobbi Lane and a two-day workshop by self-proclaimed International Street Photographer Eric Kim.

I’ll admit to giving Eric a hard time in the past – a self-proclaimed “international street photographer” without a body of published work. What changed my mind was his going “open source” with all his work. That’s a ballsy move. Such a decision made him more an educator in my mind and less of an internet fame seeker. I look forward to meeting him at GPP.

All of these GPP workshops have the same purpose – to push myself forward – to get back to what use to be an enjoyable hobby. Once upon a time I was a well-known photo blogger. That all dissolved with the birth of my child. I’d like to get it back.

The above was shot against a colorful wall in Mongkok last week. Nice framing, color and shadow. You may disagree. My 5D Mark II and Canon 135 f/2L – in aperture priority mode with auto ISO. I’m playing with a few automatic settings as I have rabidly dismissed them in the past. It’s more an experiment than anything else, we’ll see where it goes.



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