Hong Kong: Phones on the train

de-vice 600

In Hong Kong phones are some things you see a lot of.

This is my homage to Zack Arias’ #de-VICE series. Zack is one my favorite photographers and I had the chance to meet him earlier this year. I took his famed “One Light” Workshop. It’s great to see real photographers sharing their knowledge – not wannabes offering workshops based on their internet fame.

Did I say that? How catty! Apologies, I digress…

I’ve witness the evolution of electronic devices on Hong Kong’s MTR trains over the past 5 years. Back in the distant days of 2007 the PSP was the device of choice. Everyone had a PSP, on any train ride you could see hundreds of people button-mashing their favorite game. Then came the iPhone – and that took over – followed by the iPad. I don’t know what Apple sales are in Hong Kong – but my educated guess is: A lot.

Apple seems to have flagged in recent months. While it was 95% iPhones being used on the HK MTR – the Samsung Note has appeared in a big way. I don’t understand The Note: Too big to be a phone, too small to be a tablet – just big enough to ensure I will never buy it.

Update 09/24/13: I did buy a Samsung Note 2.




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