Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow: Flowers and Snow

Novodevichy Cemetery
Novodevichy Cemetery

Flowers at Novodevichy Cemetery – for my wayward intentions. I haven’t been too good at this blogging thing. Or photography thing for that matter. I used to be. A few years back I was a “star.” I blogged like a forlorn emo teenager. I took photos with the speed of a soccer mom on meth.

Not so much now. I travel a lot. I make photos when the opportunity presents itself – often touristy tripe, sometime I get my “eye” for a moment and take something I consider cool or worthy. It gets downloaded from a CF card to my computer. And there it stays. Facebook, flickr, 500px, all have lost their luster, as has this place.

Finding that place again, getting the fire back in my guts, seems an impossible and improbably task.

But it will try. One post a week here. I’ll try my best as 2014 starts. But enough about me…

Novodevichy Cemetery

I visited Novodevichy Cemetery during a trip to Moscow early in 2013. I had a spare day and did some sightseeing with a cohort.

I like cemeteries. Maybe I’m similar to the tortured emo teen mentioned earlier (obviously without the blogging frequency.) Novodevichy Cemetery is a quiet place with the famous of Russian society. Next to touristy Novodevichy Convent, the cemetery dates 1898. Most people want to see the Kremlin, or Lenin’s mummy? Me? A cemetery.

Nikita Khrushchev enjoys his eternal slumber at Novodevichy Cemetery, as does Boris Yeltsin, Anton Chekhov and a number of writers, poets, actors, generals and assorted officials. Other than the Chinese tour group being led a flag carrying guide (which I can’t seem to escape no matter which country I visit) Novodevichy Cemetery is worth a visit if you’re into boneyards and the like.

This was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105 F/4L lens. Although it is a workhorse, I have never really liked this lens. It’s not very sharp unless you’re around f/8.



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