Photography Epiphanies

On Guard
On Guard

We all have those “wow” moments when we first start to take photos. The above image (as shite as it is looking back) was one of these photography epiphanies.

I have always loved photography. Me and the camera were star-crossed lovers. I’d fall in love then we’d drift apart. A lot of it was cost. Back in the day getting film processed wasn’t cheap. I haunted darkrooms for a few years – making my own B&W prints – but I didn’t have the passion to keep it going. Chasing girls and drinking beer was a more noble passtime in high school and collage.

I shot in college, then got back into it as digital came down the pipe. I shot film and digital for a newspaper just as DSLRs were going mainstream. After a change in career – photography was distant thought. It wasn’t until I came to Asia and bought a Sony point-and-shoot that my interest perked up again. As a wedding gift to myself I bought a Canon 400D – a reward for not killing my inlaws (or myself) before the reception.

I didn’t have a clue. My photos were awful. I cursed, I cried. The Sony P&S made better photos. I persevered. The above image was shot at community event. I saw the lights, the silhouette and managed to capture it how I wanted to. Yeah, I had to bump the ISO to extreme noise levels. Techinical problems aside, I was happy. There were a few triumphs after that – photos that I still look at and say “wow.”

As I try to regain my photo passion I post this as a reminder. What about you? What was your photography epiphany?




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