PP with Google Nik: Look at the map

Post with Google Nik
Post with Google Nik


I shot the above a couple of weeks back in Mongkok. It’s not a strong image but I like the composition. I’ve been trying to work more in Lightroom / Photoshop instead of Snapseed. This photo was exported from LR as a JPG and tweaked a bit in PS. I like the Google Nik Collection – especially Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro. The collection is a steal for $150. In Color Efex Pro I use a the tonal contrast and detail enhancement filters a great deal. Silver Efex Pro is unrivaled for greyscale conversion.

Back at home for the duration. I gained an extraordinary amount of weight during my travels. What can I say, I’m a hedonist – I like to eat, drink and be merry. My slimming down regime has limited my time behind the lens. In a week or so when I’m controlling the fat instead of the other way around I’ll be a little more active. The weather has been perfect in Hong Kong for shooting lately, not too hot – just enough heat that you know summer – sickening, sticky, sweaty summer – is on the way. I should take advantage of the weather while time is on my side. Seeing your sweat pooling on an the LCD screen make you really hope the camera is in fact weather resistant. (Do they do a sweat test? They must.)

Not much to write about on the gear front. I’m happy with all I’ve purchased by still have yet to take the XF23mm F/1.4R out of the box. My bad. There’s probably some of you utterly angry just reading that. But, it’s true. It’s sitting on my office shelf, in that cool Fujinon packaging. Maybe today, or maybe tomorrow, I will give it a whirl and report back.

I’m getting more interested in post production. Answer in the comments – what are you using as plug-ins? Do you use the Google Nik collection? What are  your faves? What don’t you like? I look forward to seeing what’s popular.



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  1. I bought Nik’s Color efex pro and Silver efex pro several years ago when they had a special. I absolutely love these plug-ins. When Google bought Nik, they offered the rest of the collection for free to anybody who had purchased anything from Nik. I also love their HDR plug-in as well as their noise Dfine 2.0 plug-in. And buried in the new Analog effex pro is a wonderful tilt shift filter, which for most of us eliminates the need to purchase such a lens, unless maybe you were doing architectural work, and then the corrections in Lightroom can take care of most of this. For actually working on photographs, the Google collection is about the only software I use besides Photoshop and Lightroom. Although when I export I really do like what JPEGmini does.

    And as far as that 23 mm F1.4 Fuji lens, I own that lens too, but when traveling I don’t use it as much as I thought I would as I also purchased the 10 to 24 mm F4 Fuji lens, which is marvelous. And while the fixed 23 mm is faster, the OIS on the 10 to 24 mm often makes up for it in many cases. But OIS doesn’t stop subject motion, and that 23 mm turns my XT-1 into a X100 series on steroids, with much better resolution.

  2. I use Nik’s as well (got it before it got gobbled up by Google). SilverEfex is brilliant but I hate the time exporting from Lightroom and then importing back as a TIFF file. I also like using VSCO – 1 for the TriX look and Fuji B&W setting (X100 with red filter) works well too. And then I would dodge and burn as is needed in Lightroom.

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