X-Pro1 and vintage glass

Fuji X-Pro1 with Canon FL lens
Fuji X-Pro1 with Canon FL lens

I’ve been trying to love the Fuji X-Pro1. It hasn’t been easy. I know a lot of pros love this retro body with old school controls. Me? Like I said, I’m trying.

The only Fuji lens I have access to is an 18mm f/2. On the X-Pro1’s APS-C sensor that’s the equivalent of 27mm. I’m not a big fan of lenses that wide – I’m more of a 50mm or above sort of shooter. For street work with my 5D Mark III I use Canon’s amazing 135 f/2L. Switching from that to a 27mm is a big change.

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The X100 and the Mid-Autumn Festival

Saturday night in Shenzhen with the Fuji X100
Saturday night in Shenzhen with the Fuji X100

I spent the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Shenzhen, China: My old stomping ground, with old friends, including a Fuji X100. It was a couple of days of cheap beer and eats, a whole different world than Hong Kong. This is hard to believe as they are so close together. Can 50 miles make literally a world of difference? Absolutely.

I had been shooting some street photos with a Fuji X-Pro1 and a 35mm lens. They X-Pro1 has gotten a lot of good reviews, I know several photographers that have set aside their DSLRs and shoot exclusively with the X-Pro1. There will be no ringing endorsement from me – perhaps it’s the learning curve but I can only describe my experience as “meh.” The fact my memory card was bad (or the card slot on the X-Pro1 is faulty) did not help improve my impressions. Continue reading “The X100 and the Mid-Autumn Festival”

Thailand sunrise with a Fuji X100

thailand sunrise

I have been super-lax about posting to this blog. Long gone are the days of me blogging daily – and winning awards, accolades and kudos for blogging. So be it. Blogging filled a void in   my life, that void has been filled by other things. All that said, I will try to post more, and maybe start a new personal project or two.

I recently visited Thailand. I do that 3-5 times per year depending on my schedule. Sometimes it is business, sometimes pleasure. This time was pleasure. I hate a love-hate relationship with Thailand. The love is bone-deep: The sights, sounds, people, the hate: The cheating, gouging and indifference thet same.  I went from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train. 14 hours by train, overnight, and then back again 5 days later. As the name professes the night train travels at night. You don’t get to see a whole lot. The morning though, that’s another story. Continue reading “Thailand sunrise with a Fuji X100”