Fuji X-T1 Wifi and automatic photo resizing

I’ve been stymied for a while now transferring files from my Fuji X-T1 wifi to my IPad. Although the files were shot as Large Fine JPegs (4,896 × 3,264) when I imported them to the iPad they were sized as 1776 x 1184.  Most of my street photography workflow avoids the use my MBP.  Camera to iPad, into Snapseed and then onto Flickr or 500px.

While 1776 x 1184 is fine for online work, I really wanted full resolution photos that I could print if need be. I figured the dark and mysterious inner workings of the iPad and it’s benign yet malevolent OS were responsible. Or perhaps the Fuji Cam Remote App. Continue reading “Fuji X-T1 Wifi and automatic photo resizing”