Humen China: Stilts on the water

Humen China: Stilts on the Water

The Bocca Tigris is the area near Humen China, where the Pearl River dumps into the South China Sea. Three forts, build before the First Opium War, cover the strategic passage (They didn’t help). The forts are still there, as is this more modern building.

With most Chinese cities densely populated, why not take to the water?

Humen China: Flickering devotions on once-seized land

Humen China Temple Candles
Humen China Temple Candles

Candles at Humen China’s Yuxu Ancient Temple, part of the Lin Zexu Memorial Park, in Humen, Guangdong Province, China. Yuxu is the place in Chinese mythology, where the immortals live. Authorities are unsure when the temple was built.  A stone marker in the temple explains it was repaired in 1800.

Humen was the town where Lin Zexu seized and destroyed opium imported by British traders, and the first town attacked in Britain’s subsequent retaliation: The Opium War.

Humen China: Opium Sky

Opium Sky
Opium Sky

The sky in the opium ponds in Humen, China

The January sky, reflected in one of the ponds in Humen China where Lin Zexu, a Chinese official, destroyed more than 2 million pounds of opium in 1839. British traders sold the drug to Chinese citizens. After the confiscation, the traders convinced the British government to authorize a war of retribution against China.