Taipei Airport: Making the best of a situation

Taipei Airport, Arrivals
Taipei Airport, Arrivals

Taipei Airport, some lovely light. I was in Taipei, capital of the political entity, Taiwan, for a couple of days. After walking endless miles from the jetway to immigration I saw the above – the arrival hall before the chaos of the immigration queues.

I cursed. As I packed the essentials, Macbook Pro, iPad, Nexus 7 tablet, smart phone and a snake-like jumble of cables, I realized I didn’t have room for my camera. I didn’t want to carry it around my neck the entire trip. (I’ve opted to leave the neck strap on it, instead of using a much nicer BlackRapid shoulder rig. I want it around my neck, a ball cap on my head – I want to look like a tourist.)  I’ve been looking for a smaller, inconspicuous camera bag, like a ThinkTank Retrospective – something that doesn’t look like a camera bag and can carry the Fuji incognito.

Standing in Taipei airport, I did have multiple devices with cameras. I pulled out my Samsung Note 2, composed and fired off a few shots, waiting for people to get out of the frame. Some fast post-processing in SnapSeed and Bob’s your uncle (no, really, I have an uncle named Bob). Turned out well, didn’t it? I’m going to try a copy on my printer, a 5×7 print, and see how that turns out.

Needless to say, my Fuji will have a new bag as its home very soon. I would have loved to have shot this with a “real” camera. I guess, as Chase says, the best camera is the one you have with you. Or, plan ahead and shoot this again the next time I’m in Taipei Airport. I know a lot of photographers do this – revisit hoping to get that perfect shot. I’m guilty of it myself.



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