Fuji x100s: I wants me one

I wants me a Fuji x100s
I wants me a Fuji x100s

I want a Fuji x100s. When I look back at my efforts over the past few months I have seen great success with my my Fuji x100. More than the XPro-1 and Canon 5D Mark III. Why? I have no idea.

It’s a maddening camera, even with the latest firmware. The focus is as slows as workers returning to factory jobs after Chinese New Year. It locks up for no apparent reason. The menu layout is bizarre. Yet, the little beast has grown on me. Purchased secondhand, I’m happy with what it’s done. Most of the prints framed in my home were shot with the x100.

The Fuji X100s

I dream of you. Still way too expensive secondhand. While I love you, I don’t love you that much. $1200 for a 35mm fixed lens camera, a glorified point and shoot with a APS-C sensor. Maybe in a few months. Let’s see what happens.

Many of my Sony sponsored friends now have a new Sony a7 or Sony a7r. It’s a stylish little beast, but it’s what inside that counts. Full-frame is where it’s at. I had a conversation with a photographer that only shot crop sensors, he didn’t believe there was a big difference going to full-frame. There is. It’s monumental.

Sony has done something amazing with a  full-frame mirrorless with interchangeable lenses. If only there were more compatible lenses. I have to question the judgement of launching new camera bodies with only two lenses available. The two new Sony offerings are polar opposites, cosmetically, to the Fuji x100s. The Fuji is retro looking, the Sony is all newish with dangerous looking sharp edges. I’m old, I like the retro look. Sony is anything but retro…

The above photo was taken with my Fuji x100. I used to spend a lot of time in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). Not much any more, now the entire area just annoys me, except for Starcrossed Tattoos. I was left to my own devices while waiting for my MBP to get repaired a few month back. The above was born as i stood on Haiphong Road.



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