The X100 and the Mid-Autumn Festival

Saturday night in Shenzhen with the Fuji X100
Saturday night in Shenzhen with the Fuji X100

I spent the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Shenzhen, China: My old stomping ground, with old friends, including a Fuji X100. It was a couple of days of cheap beer and eats, a whole different world than Hong Kong. This is hard to believe as they are so close together. Can 50 miles make literally a world of difference? Absolutely.

I had been shooting some street photos with a Fuji X-Pro1 and a 35mm lens. They X-Pro1 has gotten a lot of good reviews, I know several photographers that have set aside their DSLRs and shoot exclusively with the X-Pro1. There will be no ringing endorsement from me – perhaps it’s the learning curve but I can only describe my experience as “meh.” The fact my memory card was bad (or the card slot on the X-Pro1 is faulty) did not help improve my impressions.

My Fuji X100 has been a dandy little camera. It has been loved and lambasted by the photographic community. Quirky controls and firmware, AF as slow as molasses in the arctic, were major issues with this sweet APS-C rangefinder-style clone. The photos I’ve taken with it have been lovely. The 35mm f/2 lens is a little wide for my tastes, but getting past that hurdle I’ve been rewarded.

I left my 5D Mark III at home and only took the X100 for the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in Shenzhen. I shot a lot with Auto ISO set in Aperture Priority mode. The X100 is noisier apparently than the recently released Fuji X100s. At 3200 ISO there’s more noise than the X100s samples I’ve seen. But, as I was shooting street. and intended the final images to be black and white that wasn’t much of a concern. I had such a good time with the X100 I’m tempted to pick up an X100s if I see one second hand.



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